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How many devices does the Medhera platform currently support?

We have the following devices integrated with Medhera: a. Glucometer b. Blood Pressure Monitor c. Pulse Oximeter d. Thermometer e. Weight Scale f. Activity Trackers g. Spirometer h. Temperature Wand i. Pill Dispenser We are continuously adding new devices to our clients. Please check with our sales team to find out more about our latest offerings.

Do I have to host any machines or hire an IT staff to deploy or manage the Medhera platform application?

No. Hifinite's Medhera platform manages the entire application on the cloud, which means no servers, no IT staff, no support headaches for you as a client. We provide a toll-free number for you to access our reliable and courteous staff.

Which mobile device does Medhera platform support?

Medhera platform supports iOS and Android devices. iPads/iPhones and Samsung/LG/HTC/Google devices are supported.

Which browser can I access Medhera platform from?

Medhera platform is recommended to be run on Google Chrome. However, most of the features may work on the following browsers as well - Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge.

Will I need additional insurance to treat patients via the Medhera platform?

Typically, not. Your current insurance should allow for access to the solutions. Please refer to your provider and insurance company for verification of coverage and any questions you have.

Does Medhera platform data integrate with my existing EMR?

Yes. Medhera connects and integrates with most EMRs that allow for the integration.

Why choose Medhera over others?

We offer one of the most robust platforms with features that very few of our competitors offer, at a price hardly anyone can.

Will my clients have to install or download anything in order to join the session?

No. Medhera app has all the features embedded so that there is no need to download anything else. On the web portal, there is no need to download anything either.

If my client prefers to use a mobile device, is there an app they can get?

Yes, Medhera app is on the Apple and Android App stores.


Are the devices FDA compliant?

Yes. Hifinite's Medhera platform only integrates devices that have been cleared by the FDA.

Is Hifinite’s Medhera platform FDA approved?

Yes. Hifinite’s Medhera platform is FDA approved.

Is Hifinite’s Medhera platform HIPAA compliant?

Yes. At Hifinite, we consider data security and privacy very seriously. Hifinite’s Medhera platform is HIPAA compliant and we do periodic HIPAA audits to ensure compliance.


Which cloud services does Hifinite’s Medhera platform use?

Hifinite’s Medhera platform uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its deployment needs.

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