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Medhera helps payers reduce their overall costs while improving the health of their chronically ill patients.

Improving medication adherence rates can potentially help the US payers over $350 billion dollars.

Medhera can help. Our comprehensive solution with the right mix of technology, patient engagement, and clinician involvement at key touch points can help achieve 90% or higher medication adherence rates.

You give us a list of patients and we'll make sure their health outcomes improve. And then watch your costs drop significantly as you find fewer patients needing to go to urgent care and hospitals. It is as simple as that!

A capsule and a missing arrow symbol showing missed prescription via Medhera, one of the top 10 med adherence app in the US

Missed Prescription

A capsule and a plus sign showing extra dose via Medhera, one of the top 10 med adherence app in the US

Extra Dose

A tablet surrounded by a clock showing time of pills intake via Medhera, one of the top 10 med adherence app in the US

Delayed Dose

A capsule and a wrong sign showing wrong medication via Medhera, one of the top 10 med adherence app in the US

Wrong Medication

A tablet and a return arrow symbol showing skipped refill via Medhera, one of the top 10 med adherence app in the US

Skipped Refill

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Low medication adherence rates have many causes

These result in patient hospital admissions and increased healthcare expenditure for the healthcare payers

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Medhera partners with payers to provide a full-stack solution. We work with 

patients to supply them with the right set of tools, 

technologies, and support system needed to adhere to medication schedule

A mobile screen showing Medhera (the best med adherence app in the US) login having a glass of water and the capsule nearby

Medhera offers a cloud-based full-stack solution to allow patients to stay on top of their medication schedule and get help when needed

An old lady sleeping in bed where there is an alarm clock and the pills nearby her showing pills reminder using Medhera

Our full-stack solution proactively engages every patient to consume the right amount of medication at the right time, every time!

Medhera combines the best-of-breed smart pillbox with an easy-to-use HIPAA compliant cloud software. Together, they create a complete end-to-end automated solution to provide accurate real-time insights into patient adherence. Clinicians are ready to engage and help as and when needed.

A bluetooth sign surrounded by a smart pill box inside a circle shows medication adherence measurement via Medhera in the US


Smart Pillbox

A dashboard along with the charts inside a circle

Custom Dashboards

A person's heart rate monitored in real time by the Medhera app, one of the top 10 medication adherence app in the US



A person in front of documents inside a circle

Targeted Training

and Education

for Patients

A capsule and a tablet along with the clock inside a circle showing med adherence tracking via the best Medhera app in the US


Dose Tracking

A person with a headphone and health symbol above highlights On-call facility via Medhera, the best Med adherence in the U.S.

Pharmacists and Nurses Available On-Call

A clock inside a calendar highlights self-scheduling via Medhera app, one of the top 10 medication adherence app in the US



A person popping up from a mobile screen with a chat, video, & mail symbols showing patient engagement via Medhera app

Patient Engagement using Email, Phone,

Chat, Text, Video

A calendar along with the pills inside a circle showing med scheduling via Medhera, the best Med adherence app in the U.S.

Custom Medication Scheduling

A module symbol along with tick and wrong symbols inside a circle


Rules-Based Engine

A notepad with tick signs along with a cube

Surveys and

Feedback Modules

Three people taken care by a hand below showing caregiver participation via Medhera, the best Med adherence app in the U.S.

Caregivers, Family Participation

A person consulting with a doctor via the computer online shows remote consult via Medhera, the best U.S. Med adherence app

Telehealth Abilities for Remote Consult

A capsule with an exclamation sign shows alerts for medications via Medhera, one of the top 10 med adherence app in the US

Alerts for Medications and Vitals Monitoring

Why partner with Medhera?

A download symbol inside a circle with a slash

Easy App


A person wearing a bandage in his head with a wrong sign

No Minimum Patient Requirements

A person inside a mobile screen connected with wrong sign

No On-Site


A dollar symbol inside a circle with a slash

Zero Setup


A calendar and a dollar sign inside a circle

Pay As

You Use

A collection of TV, mobile, and smart watch

Platforms - Mobile, TV, Tablet, Smartwatch, Voice

A square shape with the details inside connected to the wrong sign

No Signup


A module symbol surrounded by two circles



A plus sign notepad connected to a wrong sign



A paper with the wrong sign is attached with a pen

No Long Term


An upload symbol surrounded by a cloud sign



A plus sign notepad popped up from a desktop screen

Easy EMR Integration,

If Necessary

Who Medhera helps

A female patient's image with a mask is diagnosed by a female physician using stethescope


A female family member is hugging the patient and remain connected due to Medhera, the best med adherence services in the US


An age old woman is taken care by a female caregiver using Medhera, one of the top 10 med adherence services in the US


A female physician with a stethescope


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A man with beard

With ground-breaking telehealth and medication adherence solutions, the Medhera team is always leveraging its innovative technology to transform the way healthcare services are delivered.


Insurance Healthcare Executive, MN
A mobile phone along with the medicines. A person clicks the Medhera app, one of the best med adherence app in the US
Better health outcomes by ensuring every dose is taken at the right time in the right quantity and improve overall patient habits

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